Hoe kan ik trainen om mijn geheugen te verbeteren?

Hoe kan ik trainen om mijn geheugen te verbeteren?

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One of the most common questions we get here at Posit Science is “How can I improve my memory?” First, it’s important to understand the fundamental question: what is memory? There are several different types of memory, with the two main categories being long-term memory and short-term (aka working) memory. Within long-term memory, there are further distinctions–like implicit memory, explicit (aka declarative) memory, and autobiographical memory.

Memories are made up of what you sense. When memory fails, it’s not because you forgot how to remember—it’s because your brain isn’t processing information very clearly. We created a set of online memory exercises at BrainHQ.com that sharpen the brain’s ability to record what you see and hear so that you can create a crystal-clear memory that’s easy to recall. These exercises were tested in a large, peer-reviewed study (led by scientists at the University of Southern California and Mayo Clinic) that showed significant memory gains for participants who trained on the exercises. Among other findings…

  • On average, people who used the Posit Science exercises experienced an improvement in memory equivalent to approximately 10 years.
  • They also made statistically significant gains (performed much better) in four standard memory tests used in the study.
  • Three out of four people who used the Posit Science exercises self-reported positive changes in their everyday lives .

You can read more about the groundbreaking research of the IMPACT Study here. Another large-scale study showed that training with BrainHQ was significantly superior to doing crossword puzzles, while a third study (the largest study on cognitive training to date) found that the cognitive benefits of BrainHQ training  last at least five years and decrease declines in health-related quality of life measures. There are dozens of other scientific studies that have shown a variety of benefits, which you can browse here. To learn more about how our BrainHQ Memory exercises work specifically to improve your memory, you can click on the titles below to learn about each one.

  • Syllable Stacks is a serial memory span exercise that helps you keep things in your working memory – like grocery lists, phone numbers, and so forth.
  • Memory Grid is a sound matching game that trains your brain to listen better and record memories more accurately, so they remain in your brain instead of fading away quickly.
  • To-Do List Training targets the working memory processes in the forebrain to train your brain to follow increasingly complex instructions with speed and accuracy.

To find out about other kinds of brain training exercises that target attention, people skills, and more – you can read about them here. To try BrainHQ exercises for free, visit BrainHQ.com. You can also try a fun, quick game to find your personal memory bump.